Our Team

Bruce Rudenberg, Managing Director - Investments 

Bruce is the team veteran and leader. Over his more than 41 years as an advisor, Bruce has developed a process that has led clients through the twists and unexpected turns of all types of market cycles. Successfully guiding a client to a work-optional future still gets him excited when he goes to work each day. That enthusiasm may be why our team enjoys so many long term and multi-generational relationships. It’s hard to express just how satisfying it is when we meet with the children and more often now the grandchildren of clients we’ve worked with for decades. Bruce has been married to Lorraine for 41 years and is the proud parent of two sons. Away from the office he enjoys reading books on politics, world and economic history, and the interrelationship between these topics. He’s a weekend golfer with friends and loves the peacefulness and serenity of sailing. He and his wife have recently registered their dog Franklin as a certified therapy dog so they can share him with the patients at Miami Children’s Hospital. He’s just too sweet not to share his love with others.

Bruce earned bachelor’s degrees in finance and business management from Northern Illinois University in DeKalb Illinois and lives in downtown Miami.



Brian Rudenberg, Financial Advisor

Brian joined the team in 2012 and embraced the practice’s panoramic approach to both our relationships with our clients and our investment process. His ability to communicate our philosophy, planning and process and how they are designed to help our clients achieve and maintain financial independence; is essential to determine who we are suited for, in terms of wealth management. Brian takes an active role on our team’s investment committee and is dedicated to creating and maintaining an exceptional relationship with our clients. Many of our clients are 2nd and 3rd generation. As a multi-generational business ourselves, we naturally have an understanding of the unique needs of multi-generational families. Brian is an avid and skilled tennis player and plays on several USTA league teams, both in singles and doubles. Brian particularly enjoys scientific reading about quantum mechanics and theoretical physics. This interest has led him to do volunteer work with the Miami Children’s Museum and the Miami Museum of Science.

Brian earned a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL and lives in downtown Miami.